Sunday, December 28, 2008


As many of you know, Nadine Zawacki has just released her very first novel...drumroll please....Prisoner Of Circumstance!! I'm so in love with it that i am a lifetime fan of Nadine (even if she hadn't written the book i would be her fan, but because she has i have even more reason to!). I've read the first few chapters already and i can tell you right now that it is AMAZING. You can actually access it by going to the link on her blog (and facebook). This masterpiece is for anyone who loves suspense, love, sacrifice, and their amazing creator. Anyone who has not yet experienced the sheer magic of her writing or her anointing as a story teller needs to read this book!


Nadine said...

You sweet thing. Are you talking about me? Thank you for your kind words. I love you too and miss your beautiful face.

urbangirl said...

you should ceep bloging!